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Optimal Performance: Bringing your Dreams to Life!

Becoming successful in any field, but especially the dance field, doesn’t happen overnight. Becoming an articulate and amazing dancer requires making small improvements over time. Dancers need to hone their technical skills for sure… they need to be flexible and strong. Additionally learning how to become calm, confident and mentally focused are essential skill sets that will enhance physical training and optimize results.

This workshop is designed to fill in the gaps of dance training, giving dancers ages 12 and up an opportunity to learn leading edge techniques to hone their body brain connection along with exploring in detail how to improve their strength and flexibility.

This 2 hour workshop will cover

    • How the brain learns and how habits are created
    • Performance strategies for daily class as well as competitions and recitals
    • Enhancing turnout through efficient and appropriate stretching and strengthening

Supple Spine and Powerful Port de Bras!

Having an elegant port de bras is an essential component of being a dancer. This requires that a dancer learns how to differentiate between their spine and arm movement. Dancers need a supple spine for their arabesque line. The spine also needs to be able to rotate easily in all directions – which isn’t always the case for many dancers. As the spine loosens up the arms need to be seated correctly in the shoulder joint to create the open line across the front of the chest. This 90 minute class will explore these important elements and more!

Fixing Feet

How dancers stand on their feet will determine the ease with which the body can move above!  So many dancers pronate, which is different from being flat-footed. Shin splints and sprained ankles are also connected with how the weight goes through the legs and feet.  This 75 minute class will teach dancers how to strengthen the muscles of the arch and lower leg and improve their standing alignment

Conditioning for Outside of Class

During this one hour class you will learn effective yet simple ways to increase your body’s strength and flexibility that can be done outside of the dance class. Cross training doesn’t require going to the gym – or even special equipment – but it does need to work the body in similar patterns to what is required in dance.

Essential Assessments (For teachers only)

Most dance teachers are working with a very wide range of bodies with various flexibilities and strength. Teachers are expected to know how to train dancers safely and successfully. The best way to do so is to know where a student is starting out – what their baseline of strength of strength and flexibility is so you can take the guesswork out of their training.  In this 3 hour workshop you will train your eye to see the asymmetries of the body, learn basic muscle testing techniques and what to do with your findings.

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