Is Turnout Testing Accurate?

I’d like to ask you a question about improving turn-out beyond what is evidenced in the “prone, 90 degree knee flexion, rotate the leg in and out test”.  I am sure you’ve been asked this a thousand times, but I am just curious if the results from that test ever change, or is it purely structural?  Will the turnout on a student with “average 45 degree” rotation ever improve in the socket? or do they have to be particularly careful (like all dancers, even with more turnout) not to take it in the knees and ankles beyond 45 degrees?

Thanks, Jennet

Good question!  I’m going to answer via video… I learned how to insert pictures into the video to make it better…. I think I’m really going to like video-blogging!  Just click on the picture below – a new window will open up with the under 5 minute video answer.  Enjoy!


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