Simple Knee strengtheners

I was doing my knee strengtheners today on the stairs and thought I would share a few of them. I’m going to be doing a long distance hike this summer with multiple ascents and descents. As many people know, going down the stairs or downhill is often more challenging to our knees.

Why is that? Because the quads are doing an eccentric or lengthening contraction as they work to control the knee bend. Eccentric contractions are often more fatiguing to the muscles. I remember so clearly the first time I attempted to do hinges down to the floor. The next day my quads were so sore!

You’ll note that I’m using a theraband on the second exercise. It’s a very light tension. I’m using it to train my core to work in movement. It’s good to be able to plank for a minute but even better if your core learns to turn on in movement!

These exercises may not be necessary for a younger student – but certainly can be useful for those of us with aging bodies.


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  1. Julie Moore
    Julie Moore says:

    I love everything you teach! It is so helpful to myself as well as my students. I never had any knee issues until the last few years, and since tearing my meniscus on my left knee a few years ago, it seems like I cannot get the strength or flexibility back into that knee, so, I love this video!!!!! Thanks a bunch! Julie Moore ,

  2. Sharon Reeve
    Sharon Reeve says:

    Thank you for some great exercises! I am an older dancer with an arthritic left knee. I think I need more quad strength.


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