Mobilizing the Soleus Muscle

Here’s a quick clip on how to mobilize the soleus muscle. It’s great for those dancers who feel like their demi plié is too short. Enjoy!

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  1. Carroll
    Carroll says:

    Hey! This looks great! I look forward to getting out of the car and trying it. I feel like I have been told before to not allow my knee to “go past the toes” in runners stretch- is this false? Or are the 90 degrees in the knees a different matter?

    • deborah
      deborah says:

      Hi! Great question. In this soleus stretch what you want to monitor is feeling it low in the calf. If you have looser soleus muscles your knee may go past your toes. Remember, the heel must stay down and have weight on it. If it feels uncomfortable, try starting a bit past 90 degrees with the leg you are going to stretch. Make small tweaks and shifts based on your feedback from your body. You want a good stretch without pain or big discomfort. Can be a strong stretching feeling, though.


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