Mobility and Stability Training

Not getting the results you want from your stretching and strengthening routines?  

This online course will help you

Understand the science

You'll learn the key differences between mobility and stability and stretching and strengthening. 

Learn effective exercises

There are 24 corrective exercises to get you back on track to optimal performance

Get the results you want

Working with mobility/stability training might be the missing ingredient to your pursuit of optimal performance, no matter what your chosen activity is!


There are athletes and dancers who are religious about doing their stretches and strengtheners and yet - they don't see the results they want! 

It's often not for lack of discipline.  They understand it takes patience and determination. 

After weeks, months or even years of working hard and hardly feeling like their flexibility is changing they give up and label themselves as tight - or uncoordinated - or - that's just the way I am! 

This online course has 6 units and 32 lessons.  There are animated short lectures to help you understand the science of mobility and stability training.  

There is a unit on increasing somatic awareness - a key element for tweaking your experiences and results. Improving coordination and range of motion does not have to be painful! 

Then there are the exercises to explore, divided by whether the focus is mobility or stability. Some of them work on both elements at the same time! 

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Deborah Vogel

Deborah Vogel draws on her background as a neuromuscular educator, dance educator, and “somatic explorer.”  She has a unique ability to study a dancer’s body alignment and movement patterns to identify muscular imbalances.  As a specialist in devising ways dancers can bring their bodies, minds, and spirits back into alignment after stress, strain or injury, Deborah teaches dancers and teachers how to “see and analyze” the body in motion and how to improve its performance.  She is an author of multiple books and dance education products, has taught at multiple colleges and universities and  and writes health and technique articles for Dance Teacher Magazine.

Education is the key to injury prevention and optimal performance

It's time to work with your body to optimize your movement through mobility and stability training!