Mobility and Stability Training:

Foundations of Functional Movement

Go Beyond Strength and Stretching with In-Depth Performance Strategies

Learn to Build a Strong, Healthy Foundation

Focused Exercise and Training

Learn 7 foundational movements and expand them into 28 mobility and stability exercises that help you hone your strength, agility, balance, core and fundamentals. 

Optimize Physical Performance

This course utilizes advanced neuromuscular education to impact joint stability, muscle strength and motor control to help create real change. 

Recovery and Injury Prevention

More than a strength and conditioning course, you'll be given tools to keep your body in better shape before, during, and after workouts to prevent injuries and improve recovery

Develop Daily Habits and Establish Long-Term Success

The idea behind "muscle memory" goes far beyond the movements you do on the dance floor or the explosiveness you have on a court or field. It's an involved process where people train their bodies through smarter stretching programs and better mobility and stability processes. 

In fact, limiting your knowledge about how to prepare your body can keep you from reaching your full potential and lead to increased injuries. This program was developed to help you better understand not just flexibility and strength but how to maximize your overall physical performance, coordination and balance.

Designed around bite-sized, animated lectures - including 7 units and 44 lessons - you'll learn the science behind mobility and stability training, as well as how to apply it to your athletics, chosen sport, or active lifestyle. 

From range of motion to core strength to footwork this program will show you how efficient and integrated movement comes together to increase overall performance. If you're an athlete, dancer, dance teacher, or active person ready to focus on true fitness then this is the course for you!

Deborah Vogel

Drawing on her background as a neuromuscular educator, dance educator, and “somatic explorer”, Deborah Vogel has a unique ability to study a dancer’s body alignment and movement patterns to identify muscular imbalances.  A specialist in helping dancers realign their body, mind, and spirit after stress, strain or injury, Deborah teaches dancers and teachers how to “see and analyze” the body in motion and then improve its performance.  Deborah is an author of multiple books and dance education products, has taught at multiple colleges and universities and  and writes health and technique articles for Dance Teacher Magazine.

Deborah Vogel has created a unique and wonderful online experience that allows you to evaluate and train for Mobility and Stability.  Not only does she provide tests to determine your fitness level, there are exercises that help you achieve these goals along.  Deb acts as instructor and guide to lead you through this unique experience.  Her instructions are clear and concise and loaded with valuable information.  There are a lot of helpful online courses that you can take but this stands out as one of the best.

Maria Boscaino/Ballet instructor/PBT Level 3 Certified
Eric Franklin Certified Pelvis Fascia Trainer

I have been a long time follower of Deborah through her website, and have attended her insightful and informative workshops in Dallas and Tuscany. The quality and depth of information that she brings to these venues has been invaluable to my work as a dance teacher and active human. Deborah’s knowledge of the human body in action has contributed greatly to my work as a teacher and to my and my family’s well-being.

A recent example is one where I was able to assist my mom with knowledge and exercises gained from my work with Deborah. At age 82, she was feeling like her mobility and stability were becoming increasingly compromised due to her age. She felt like her balance was diminishing and everything was just feeling more difficult. I was able to demonstrate some of the simple mobility and stability exercises I have learned from Deborah’s course along with important brain-body imagery including thinking positively about the fact that we can keep moving and improving at any age. She was surprised that after only one week, she was feeling more mobile and optimistic about improving by continuing these exercises.
I highly recommend Deborah’s work. Her course is a valuable tool for everyone.
Kimberly Gockel

Proper Education is Key to Physical Performance, Injury Prevention, and Long-Term Functional Health 

Get in-depth training guidance today and start optimizing your mobility and stability!