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I love it when a held position can give you so much information! Comparing sides on the half kneeling position is one of those positions.

To your success!


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  1. Kat
    Kat says:

    I love your videos, they are easy to share with my loved ones and students so they also learn more about their bodies. Thank you

      • Linda T Gioscia
        Linda T Gioscia says:

        I did this with my older teens and only a few had a little wobble and one felt something in her hip (She has popping hip syndrome and a leg length discrepancy. I also felt it a little in one hip. I also had them close their eyes to make it trickier. Then, we all balanced a little longer on our weaker side when we worked on holding a passe’ while doing cambre’s side to side to make it even trickier. And we stretched our tighter side a little longer if we had any tightness. Thank you!!!

        • deborah
          deborah says:

          What a wonderful use of this test – and right on with how you worked with it! Love that your teens learned something new about their patterns!


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