Hamstring Connection to Arabesque

I was at TCU this past fall and Elizabeth Gillaspy and I were sharing ideas, concepts, challenges and training tips as we often do.  I was talking about how it was often surprising to find hamstring weakness in upper level dancers.  I was showing Elizabeth an exercise I was using for strengthening and she immediately jumped in about how the hamstring weakness shows up in arabesque – and before you know it – we created a hamstring/arabesque exercise to train dancers how to feel the connection of the hamstring while doing arabesque.

I grabbed the camcorder and filmed Elizabeth and then we did a voice over.  I’m so excited to be working with Elizabeth at the Leading Edge Dance Conference this summer – wonderful things happen when you have like-minded teachers in the same space and I can only imagine all the wonderful connections that will be made between faculty and participants this July!

Please share your feedback and any tips you might want to share on setting up the arabesque in the comment section below.

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  1. Ruth Ziegler
    Ruth Ziegler says:

    Hello Deb: Thanks for this video! I have done this exercise with my students for quite a while and agree it really is effective! I will add that lovely upper back part shown at the end of the video.

    Can’t wait to actually get to work with you in July!


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