Foam Roller variations

Had a fun zoom call with my son last night who is active in bouldering and climbing. He wanted to add in using the foam roller for recovery… good move, my son!

Using the foam roller as an adjunctive training method is smart. As a self-massage technique it does help recovery of the muscles and fascia, improves blood flow, reduces tension, and most importantly, increases your awareness and listening skills to your body’s needs.

The following 2 clips are short and are only done on one side. I would encourage you to foam roll on one side first, then stand up and notice any differences your effort made. You want the brain to acknowledge the differences so don’t skip this step.

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  1. Isabelle
    Isabelle says:

    Thank you Deb. Your videos are always so full of wonderful exercises and full of useful information. I have been experiencing cramping in my feet when I teach dance the last few months. I am an active 65 years old. I don’t if is because I am getting older or something is lacking in my diet or exercise regime.

    • deborah
      deborah says:

      Hi Isabelle! Great question. Here would be my suggestions. Since your feet have been cramping for a few months I would be very methodical in how you approach figuring it out. For example, you might spend a week doing extra warming up for your feet before teaching, rolling them, mobilizing them (with your hands) and stretching both the top and bottom foot muscles. See what your response is – then the next week add in foam rolling of the hip (often a place where problems of the feet start) and see if there are any unusually sore areas. Next week could be starting a program of strengthening the intrinsic muscles. Then you could try strengthening the hip muscles (especially the sit to stand on one leg I’ve mentioned in other posts). Hopefully, if the reason why they are cramping is musculoskeletal, you’ll be able to start teasing out what makes it better! Let me know how it goes:). Deborah

  2. Ruth Ziegler
    Ruth Ziegler says:

    Thank you for these fun, helpful videos! We are back in the studio (yay!) will REAL barres, REAL mirrors, REAL floors and … some lingering “dance at home” injuries and muscle imbalances. We really need (and REALLY appreciate) this information.

    You’re always so generous with knowledge and positive energy! Also, we LOVE your pas de deux partner (that would be your sweet doggie)!

    Happy dancing,

    Ruth Z.

  3. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    Thank you Deb for sharing these wonderful videos. I stumbled on your website as I am looking for some mobility and stretching exercises for my ballet students over zoom. What a small world, that my son is also a climber, and I have been showing him my pointe exercises as I see the similar use of feet and muscles. I am signing up for your newsletter for more. If there’s any workshop online, please let us know.


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