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Summer exercise

Summer has finally arrived in the northern states!  Yippee!  I love not putting on coats, hats, gloves to take the dog for a walk.   The summer intensives and dance camps that are generally gearing up are either not happening or looking very different so I thought I would talk a bit about conditioning and […]

Virtual classes

Hello all! I received a jam-packed full of good idea email from Ruth Ziegler answering my question of what do you do to keep yourself sane and hopefully less exhausted from teaching virtual dance classes. Her response is below… Thank you Ruth! Great topic and so relevant!!!  I teach mainly adults – some very advanced, […]

Releasing Muscular Tension

Having to hunker down at home opens up a space for activities such as exploring ideokinesis in ‘constructive rest position’, a term that I learned from my mentor Irene Dowd many years ago. This may be very useful to offer to your students at this time – both for re-patterning movement and releasing excessive muscular […]

Real or Imagined?

I got a great question from a reader who wanted to understand better the phrase I have used many times…. “The brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined”. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this. I was trained to use ideokinesis to change neuromuscular pathways. The reason why we […]

The Skinny on Shin Splints

Shin splints are an equal opportunity injury – not just a runner’s injury, but very common to dancers too!  In dancers, pronation, awkward foot/ankle alignment and tibial stress fractures are often offered as the reason for shin splints.  What is universally accepted is that shin splints are an overuse syndrome.  In other words, excessive loading […]

New Pointe Shoes!

I recently got my first pair of pointe shoes! Do you have any tips for what to practice, getting better, and staying safe on them? Love getting questions from student dancers! Thanks, A. for writing to me. I’m sure your teacher will be guiding you on how to break in your shoes and giving you […]

Working with Plantar Fasciitis

The last newsletter looked at plantar fasciitis from different perspectives.  Click here to read if you missed it.   Today’s newsletter is about treatment considerations and suggestions.  You’ve got a diagnosis from the doctor or physical therapist, and hopefully also had a good alignment analysis to see if there are any biomechanics issues at play.  […]

New Perspective: Plantar Fasciitis

We’re going to do a deep dive into plantar fasciitis over the next 2 newsletters.  I want to share some new perspectives which might help guide those with who have a chronic problem with their plantar fascia.  Inflamed? In its simplest definition, plantar fasciitis means inflammation of the thick sheath of fascia that is on […]

Arthritis and Dance

Just finished 3 workshops in October and had such wonderful interactions with amazing teachers! So many great questions were asked and today’s newsletter was inspired by one of them (Thanks, Donna!) We were discussing stiffness, fascia and came around to arthritis when I made a comment about how doctors throw out that diagnosis way too […]