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FHL Challenges and Rélevé

The flexor hallucis longus muscle attaches from the calf to the big toe. Problems there are often called ‘dancer’s tendonitis’ , as the repeated rélevés and pushing off of the foot. Of course, dancers aren’t the only ones that can have problems here, gymnasts, sprinters and swimmers (who push off from the blocks) can have […]

Flattened lower back: Structure or Habits?

I have a student who has experienced some lower back pain. She had x-rays taken and was told that she has a reverse curve shape of the bone structure in her neck. There is definitely a narrowing of the spaces between the vertebrae at the base of the neck. She has been having lower back […]

Changing Habits

The way dancers improve their technique is by developing movement habits that follow anatomical and muscular guidelines. Over time, a demi plié or rélevé becomes automatic and this is what we want, especially if the mechanics of those movements are good. As teachers it is our job to guide them into learning those effective neuromuscular […]

Compensations are tricky

I received the following question from a teacher… One of my dancers tore her calf a year ago, but finally diagnosed in the fall last year. The calf has healed but she over compensated on the other side, so now she has tendonitis. The ortho said she has a thin achilles and it was short. […]

Balance Perspective

I’ve been doing a deep dive into functional movement and how it might help explain certain technique challenges. I discovered an asymmetry in my own movement which was strongly influencing my ability to balance on one of my legs. Balance, both the standing on one leg kind, as well as balance in muscle usage is […]

Training Penchés

In the process of working with my son who sustained a grade 2 hamstring strain/tear this week I’ve been thinking about hamstring training and rehabilitation. I’m always trying to figure out the mechanics of an injury – no matter what the sport. If you know how or why an injury occurred then you can bring […]

Ankle Mobilization Variations

Here are 2 variations to add to your ankle mobilizations. The most important and first variation that I showed you can be found here. I received a lot of positive feedback on that clip! If you have questions please email them to deborah@thebodyseries.com. To your success, Deborah

Aggregating Marginal Gains aka Incremental Changes

What does it mean to aggregate marginal gains? It’s when there are small, incremental changes in multiple aspects of an activity or process that add up to a remarkable change over time. For a dancer, improving turnout by one percent, their flexibility by one percent, and alignment by one percent add up to improving their […]

Ankle Mobilization

Wanted to share an awesome mobility exercise for the ankle. This clip may help those with short demi pliés and/or tight soleus muscles. The band that I am using can be found on Amazon (under $10) I would use the orange or red band. This exercise reminds the ankle how to flex effectively without overusing […]