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Pulled Up Knees & Anterior Impingement Syndrome

Greetings! Hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather. Let’s jump right into the questions! My name is Samantha, I’m 12 and I just started ballet around 1 and half years ago. I’m in grade 5 and I have really bad technique, but what I am most concerned about are my knees. Whenever I pull my […]

Tucking Under, Painful Groin & Head Games

Announcements I have not fallen off the face of the earth – but life has gotten in the way of regular posts. My plan is to remedy that, beginning with this posting – so….onto the questions! Dear Deb, I was having a vivid conversation with a few friends and colleagues or mine on the subject […]

Labral Tear

Dancing Smart Newsletter March 16, 2008 Announcements: First, I wanted to announce that I am in the process of creating an affiliate program for The Body Series products. This could be completed as quickly as the end of the week, and when it is ready to roll out, I will send an email out explaining […]

Plantar Fasciitis

Dear Deb, I am a dance teacher and teach 23 hours a week. I have plantar fasciitis and can’t seem to get rid of it. I’ve been stretching, icing, rolling my feet on tennis balls, wearing tennis shoes in all dance classes, wear insoles recommended to me by my chiropractor, gotten my feet adjusted and […]

Peroneal Tear

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day! Hi! I’m a musical theatre major at Texas State Univ. I’m 19 years old and have been dancing for about 2 years, ever since I decided to major in Musical Theatre. I’ve taken mostly ballet, with a few jazz courses here and there. I’m still somewhat of a […]

Abdominal Strength

Dancing Smart Newsletter February 1, 2008 Greetings! I hope 2008 has gotten off to a fabulous start! Question of the week… I have a question about abdominal strength. The studio I teach at recently had several students from another studio move to our studio. It’s very apparent that the training they have been receiving at […]

Knee Pop and Long Leg!

Greetings! After reading your letter about the popping hip, I was wondering if you could shed some light on a problem that I have been having. I have been having a popping sensation at the back of the knee. After x-rays and an MRI, I visited an orthopedic that told me that “he doesn’t know […]

Are My Knees Straight?

Greetings! Using a blog for the newsletter has gotten thumbs up! Thanks to all who emailed or posted a comment. Let’s go right to the question of the week! My ballet teacher told me I sometimes don’t straighten my legs in élevé as much as I should. She said I needed to tighten my quad […]

Snapping Hip Syndrome

Welcome to Teaching Smart! This blog will house the Dancing Smart Newsletter and gives you the opportunity to add your helpful suggestions at the end of the post. Hopefully, posting the newsletter in this format will decrease the newsletters that get caught by spam filters and create more active dialogue between us. I’m always open […]