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Asymmetries and Higher Injury Rates

We are all asymmetrical. Look in a mirror… the 2 sides of your face aren’t even. It’s normal to have slight differences between the 2 hips and the range of turnout. I’ve never seen a perfectly straight spine. Bottom line – we all have some asymmetries in our alignment and muscle usage. Dancers often will […]

Ankle Mobility

Shot a quick clip about an ankle mobility stretch that was very interesting to me for what I learned about my standing balance between my two legs and how a simple asymmetry may throw off your alignment during stretching. Try it and see what you learn about your own movement. To your success, Deborah

Hypermobile and Tight?

There are many dancers with hypermobility. This is when joints, like the elbows, knees, thumb, etc., can move beyond the normal range of motion. There are different tests to assess where a hypermobile person might fall on the spectrum – but for our purposes let’s just consider the dancer who clearly has hyperextended knees and […]

What’s Wrong with Me?

We’ve all said that phrase at one point or another when we’ve started feeling twinges or pain in different body areas. It’s not an unusual event for a dancer or athlete. It’s a common question that many of us have asked at various times over our lives. I sure have. After listening to one of […]

Wrong Joints for Extension

We all know the action for a grand battement or développé to the front is at the hip. The hip flexors, the quadriceps and iliopsoas muscles, are the prime movers for this movement. If you’d like to reread a post on how to get higher extensions, click here There is a real challenge to the […]

Interesting Test

I love it when a held position can give you so much information! Comparing sides on the half kneeling position is one of those positions. To your success! Deborah

FHL Challenges and Rélevé

The flexor hallucis longus muscle attaches from the calf to the big toe. Problems there are often called ‘dancer’s tendonitis’ , as the repeated rélevés and pushing off of the foot. Of course, dancers aren’t the only ones that can have problems here, gymnasts, sprinters and swimmers (who push off from the blocks) can have […]