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How Quickly Can Change Happen?

The secret of CHANGE is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Socrates We are at that familiar time where many of us are reflecting upon the past year and pondering how we’d like 2019 to be. It started me thinking about how quickly can change really happen? […]

How NOT to use your abdominals

I came across a clip I took of a dancer sucking in her abdominals to bring herself into alignment and thought it might be interesting to talk about what’s really happening when she does this… Let’s watch a couple for a couple of rounds.   Let’s dissect what’s happening as she does this.  It is a […]

Inner Thighs and Turnout

[quote]Can you clarify the function of the inner thigh in standing and in extensions? There are many teachers who instruct students to use the inner thighs to “feel” turn out, but I cannot see how the adductors assist in turn out. One teacher has said to “press the heels into the ground in fifth position […]

Knees not aligned over feet

Knees aren’t aligned [quote style=”boxed”]I have a 13 year old student who has the types of knees that even when facing forward parallel, are not aligned with the foot.  They are facing inward.  We have been very careful about alignment, but she attended an intensive this past summer and injured one of her knees and […]


I recently returned from TCU where I had all the freshman dance majors in a course called “The Working Body”.  And work they did… meeting every day for multiple hours a day, exploring how to bring anatomical knowledge into their technique and dancing.  They were wonderful – and I will miss this very special group! […]