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Fascia and Brain Functioning

Exploring fascia is fascinating and I keep learning more relationships between the health of our fascia and the health of our bodies. This post will summarize some ways it influences our brains. If these posts are interesting to you please consider attending the Texas June 21-23 workshop – where the exploration of fascia will be […]

Adding Brain Cells

This post is not dance specific but is interesting new info (to me) about brain health and helping ourselves stay happy and mentally sharp! There is a term called neurogenesis. That term describes the growth and development of new nerve cells. I remember learning that whatever brain cells you were born with – you better […]

Accessing the abdominals

I have a question about abdominal strength or should I say… lack of! I tell my students to pull up the front of their abdominals, but when I place my hand on their stomach I don’t feel anything. I’m not sure if they even know how to engage them. Can you recommend any specific ideas […]

How Fascia moves (or not) with lower back pain

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thoracolumbar_fascia We’re going to continue looking at fascia’s role in the lower back and spine moving easily and freely. We know lower back pain is no longer just an ‘older’ person’s challenge. I have met many college age students with chronic lower back pain. There is often a correlation between their activity level and the […]

How Quickly Can Change Happen?

The secret of CHANGE is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Socrates We are at that familiar time where many of us are reflecting upon the past year and pondering how we’d like 2019 to be. It started me thinking about how quickly can change really happen? […]

How NOT to use your abdominals

I came across a clip I took of a dancer sucking in her abdominals to bring herself into alignment and thought it might be interesting to talk about what’s really happening when she does this… Let’s watch a couple for a couple of rounds.   Let’s dissect what’s happening as she does this.  It is a […]