I hear similar questions over and over again: How do I improve my turnout? How can I keep my students from rolling in?

I’m so excited to join forces with Dance Teacher magazine in offering a regular column to answer questions like these and more, that come from the dancers and teachers in the field.

We can learn from each other!

I look forward to sharing the knowledge and expertise I have gathered over the years from being a dancer, teacher and neuromuscular educator. I’m so appreciative of being able to coach dancers to overcome physical and mental obstacles and stay on track to achieving their dreams.

This forum cannot replace an in-person consultation with a dance medicine specialist, but my intent is to provide guidance in how to approach common complaints of dancers.

Email me at Deborah@thebodyseries.com with your questions about anatomy, technique, and those “I wonder what it means when…” questions!  The look for the answer in an upcoming newsletter!