Anatomy of Technique:

Training for Strength & Flexibility


This workshop is postponed until 2021


Stay safe, Stay well everyone!

Dance teachers do their very best to guide students in their training. It’s a challenging process to say the least.  One student has good hamstring flexibility but tight hip flexors, another has no concept on how to use their core, another is beset by pain in their back, and some are going through growth spurts.  There isn’t enough time in class to address all the individual asymmetries while concentrating on improving everyone’s technique.  

What if you could pull some new approaches out of your dance teacher hat and help that student that most everyone has given up on.  That would be a good feeling… both for the teacher and for the student that now sees a glimmer of hope for changing what perhaps felt like an impossible pattern. Wouldn’t it also be great to develop a few new strategies that will address some common technical challenges that can benefit a majority of your students.

In both the Dallas and Seattle Anatomy of Technique: Training for Strength and Flexibility workshops you will:

~ Understand the different types of stretches and when to use them

~ Learn about the fascial influences on mobility and longevity

Discover movement practices to enhance fascial health and resiliency

~ Explore strengthening strategies for dancers (no gym or special equipment needed)

~ Delve into how to integrate effective stretching and strengthening principles into class

~ Examine outside influences to strength and flexibility

The 3-day workshop in Seattle will allow for enough time to dive deep into training our eyes to see the fascial restrictions in alignment and movement.  It is one thing to have the intellectual knowledge of what to look for, and a whole different level of competency when you can take that knowledge into teaching by observing students in an actual class setting.