Another Podcast from the Science of Dance Training!

Lisa Howell and I have recorded another podcast and put it on our own iTune channel!

If you have iTunes on your computer open it up, and then go to the iTunes store. Then you want to click on podcasts. Put Deborah Vogel in the Search iTunes store space on the top right of the window and click return. The Science of Dance Training should pop up – and you can then subscribe to our channel! You will be able to automatically download any future podcasts right into iTunes! (Forgive me if the instructions seem like duh…. of course…. since I don’t have an iPod I didn’t know how to subscribe to a podcast channel before yesterday!)

It’s a large file – which is why I can’t post it on my website directly – but please do go and check it out! All the questions we answer are on backs and spines!


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