Announcing The Science of Dance Training Podcasts!

We’re almost at the end of the year and Lisa Howell and I have been planning
some very special joint projects for next year. We are both passionate and
committed to educating dancers and teachers on how to get the most out of
your dancing. We’ve created a blog at

We decided that we wanted to end this year on a very special note and are
going to be doing a free podcast that will be available online. We hope to
record the podcast before Christmas – and we need your help. We want you to
email possible questions that we can discuss in the podcast.

To celebrate our collaboration and to make it more fun – the six people who
get chosen to have their question answered in the podcast will get to

one of Lisa Howell’s dance education manuals, which include…

  • The Perfect Pointe Book and AV Course
  • The Front Splits Fast Flexibility Manual
  • The Advanced Foot Control Course
  • Core Stability for Dancers Manual

And you’ll be able to pick one of my products from The Body Series…

  • Tune Up Your Turnout book
  • Train Your Brain: A Teen’s Guide to Well Being Analyzing Arabesque DVD
  • Analyzing Turnout DVD The Standing Leg DVD
  • Ballwork: Releasing Muscular Tension DVD.

If you are interested in being one of our 6 winners this is what you’ll need
to do.

Go to and submit your question.

You can also submit your question by sending an email to

Send in more than one question, if you like, to increase your chances of
winning. Lisa and I hope to do a monthly free podcast as a way of saying –
thank you for being a part of our dance community.

Send your questions in quickly – we’ll be choosing the winning questions
this weekend – watch for another announcement saying the podcast is ready
for your listening pleasure!


“Education is the key to injury prevention”

2 replies
  1. Sabrina Montez
    Sabrina Montez says:

    Mrs. Vogel,

    The podcast is an amazing idea. I do have one suggestion you had mentioned at the top to record the pod cast. You might get a better response if you could include a breif detail about how to record the pod cast. I absolutely love how technology is advaning and the dance world is embracing it. I have wanted to make it to one of your workshops/seminars but just haven’t had it work out yet, so now with the pod casts it is like you are doing a seminar right in our home. It is such a wounderful idea and it would be ashame for those that are technological challenged to miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Hello Sabrina, I will make sure to give detailed directions for all to listen to the podcast. Thanks for your note and for your kind words!


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