Ankle Mobilization

Wanted to share an awesome mobility exercise for the ankle. This clip may help those with short demi pliés and/or tight soleus muscles. The band that I am using can be found on Amazon (under $10) I would use the orange or red band.

This exercise reminds the ankle how to flex effectively without overusing the tibialis anterior muscle or foot tension. Try it and let me know your results!

To your success, Deborah

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  1. Jennifer McKusick
    Jennifer McKusick says:

    I look forward to trying this. Do you think this could help with plantar fasciitis? I would love some exercises to help with heel pain.

  2. Sheri Reid
    Sheri Reid says:

    Love this exercise, Deb! You taught it at a workshop that I attended (which was fabulous by the way) and I felt an immediate difference. I’d spent months of physio trying to improve mobilization at this joint without much success and this was life changing. I’ve used it with great success with many students since then. Thanks so much for posting!


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