A Celebration Gift!

I’m inspired today by Obama’s words – and seeing the energy of hopefulness about the future. (plus the sun is shining today! Always a good omen for NE Ohio in January!)

I’d like to share a mp3 file with you of guided imagery that I created for my students. As I talk about in the Body/Brain connection ebook – your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. I first learned about ideokinesis (using imagery to change neuromuscular pathways) from Irene Dowd and it has guided my rehab work ever since then. In order to make a real physical change you have to go back to the cortical or brain level and change the message that is being sent out.

The focus of this mp3 file is to simply release all unnecessary tension and to increase your physical state of well-being. When you listen to it you can either be in constructive rest position which is lying on your back with your legs supported over pillows or on a chair – or sitting easily upright, supported comfortably in a chair. (note: it is 26 minutes)

Enjoy! (and if you do listen – please leave a comment!)

click here!

May we all dance today in gratitude and hope!


“Education is the key to injury prevention”

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