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Onto the questions of the week – and hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

I have a 13 yr old female student whose right side hip “pops” out and in while dancing. She says especially when she tries to turn out more. What advice or suggestions can I give her? Sincerely, Tasha

As long as there is no pain during the hip ‘pop’ – I would suspect a muscular imbalance to how she is creating her turnout. The first logical place to check is the tightness of her hip flexors, specifically the iliopsoas. Try having her spend some time stretching the iliopsoas then see if she feels more hip freedom and less hip popping when she begins dancing. If so – then encourage her to do the standing lunge or the runners lunge in between exercises or when she is waiting to move across the floor.

Here is a picture of a sitting and hanging stretch for the hip flexors. You can also do a standing stretch as well as a runners lunge.

My question is a simple one. Is a woman of 32 years too old to commence dancing? I’m physically quite fit and strong. However, I know that being fit and able to do an hour workout class isn’t the same as being physically fit for dance. The type of dancing that I’m referring to is modern/contemporary dance. I started taking classes a few months ago when I realized that it was dance that I wanted to pursue-I know, it took me a while. I also find that whenever I do any sort of dancing, I find myself drawn to ballet type movements: I’m always on my toes, I’m always doing leaps–even before I ever saw these movements being performed. Are these movements typically found in modern/contemporary dance techniques? Also, does it matter that I look quite young? Although I don’t think that me looking young matters, I do look as if I’m in my early twenties. How much does age matter in this world? And last but not least, what is a good stretching exercise in order to achieve a good side leg lift? Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you. Nicole

The simple answer to your question about age and dancing is NO – it is never too old to commence dancing! There is much research that is being done on how exercise can reverse the aging process, even if you begin in the latter decades of your life. Dance is a good choice for many as it focuses on building strength and flexibility.

How much does age matter is an interesting question. To quote Jack Benny, “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” I will admit to generally feeling that more mature dancers are more interesting to watch. For me athleticism without that special spark or connection is not as engaging. Mature dancers has more to do with life experience than age in years. What I know is our bodies as well as our brains are plastic, meaning there is constant change going on. If dancing brings you happiness and joy – then it is doing good things for you!

As far as your question about good stretching exercises to achieve a side leg lift I would focus on stretching the hamstring muscles at the back of the leg from the standing position.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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