There is a science to dance training...

“Our bodies are designed for movement, no matter our height, size or flexibility. My intent is to provide exceptional information, based on anatomical principles, as well as leading-edge explorations in optimal performance strategies.”

Deborah Vogel

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Deborah’s extraordinary knowledge of hidden problems – and techniques for correcting them – is legendary. Following her advice has allowed me to have a long and healthy dance career!


I have the Tune Up your Turnout book by Deborah Vogel. One of the most insightful tips for me that I continue to apply to all my muscles and pass on to my students is that in order for your turnout to improve you first need to release tension. Stretching and strengthening can only happen after that first step is taken. I keep a tennis ball in my dance bag always and my piriformis thanks you!


I purchased the Dancing Smart ebook. In just a few weeks it has become an incredibly rich resource of information for me in tackling some key issues of technique and physiology. As it is so well organized via specific areas of the body, I can search for and find questions related to my own problems, and then read about strategic ways to deal with them. The biggest places of growth for me so far has been Deborah’s emphasis in her responses on balancing strength and flexibility, creating good muscle tone, and in exploring new movement pathways and new approaches to those places in which I have reached a plateau in my training. Her suggestions to stop doing what is not working, and try something different (!!) has been so profound for me in so many areas! Thank you Deborah!